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Cockfight Experience 

“Gentleman’s sport” due to the honor base betting system where men yell their wagers at each other and settle them later.


Still practicing Cock fighting in Puerto Rico even that it was banned in other countries. It is thought to Sport that was introduced into the island by Spain. It consists of beak-to-beak roosters fighting in a ring.


Roosters are trained by breeders by supplying them food and vitamins and sparring to develop the best fighters. During the training roosters fight each other in a pit while wearing kind of gloves covering the spurs to avoid injuries.


Bets are called during a fight and the fight ends when one of the birds can’t continue fighting, dies or retreat. Sometimes a tie is called if both birds are not able to continue Cockfighting is still legal in Puerto Rico, and very popular, especially in the town of Isabela.


The Fights generate millions of dollars in bets and other expenses incurred at the “galleras”. Some well known “galleras”, where the cock fights take place, includes Coliseo Gallistico de Isabela Puerto Rico. Isabela is known as the Gallitos (rooster, bantam) town because of the best cock breeders in the island.


Rooster breeds and their characteristics will be shown through an hour (1) visit. Fights Preparation and training will be explained.


After the demonstration the tour continues to the “Gallera” in order to see real and live fights. Betting experience will be also de achieved.


Dinner – Restaurant inside the Gallera (drinks and food are not part of the tour package).

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