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Coast to Coast Tour

Isabela, known for its numerous beaches, is one of the top destinations in Puerto Rico. Is a favorite beach town because of its natural pools and beautiful beaches. Preferred by all level of surfers, snorkelers, fishermen, boogie boarders, windsurfers and by normal people who just want to enjoy a day at a beach.


Coast to Coast Tour will cover the following beaches:


Pastillo Beach - The beach far corner cliff shows the profile of a native indian (Taino- Cara del Indio) naturally carved. The bird namesake Cave (Cueva de Las Golondrinas) is located close to the Indian face and is occasionally accessible during summertime depending on the tides and waves. The path of the railroad (from the first half of the twentieth century) to the Guajataca Tunnel that connected towns of Isabela and Quebradillas is also in the area. Natural resources can be observed crags, bluffs, dunes, wetlands, caves, native flora and fauna, Wildlife and endangered species such as Altantea Tulita and Puerto Rican boa can be found in the area plus breeding turtles.


Villa Pesquera - Beach near downtown Isabela, also named Playa Sardinera. Familiar beach

visited during weekends.


Middles Beach-  is one of the island best places to surf. Not good for swimming because of the strong waves. World surfing competitions are celebrated here Pozo Teodoro Beach is very close to Jobos Beach and  Montones Beach. The pond is perfect for kids fun and play. 


Poza las Golondrinas – This natural pool is a beauty. Crystalline water good for toddlers. Very good for snorkel and to swim learning.


Isabela Coco Truck Stop – Place to get a nice picture and to enjoy fresh coconut water. Montones Beach is one of Isabela hidden treasures and only the locals know how to get there. It’s a very good beach for family and children. Will find deep and shallow water called “La Pósita”.


Paseo Tablado – board walk of approximately .9 miles with very nice scenic views. The walk will take you to Pozo de Jacinto (Well of Jacinto, natural coral reaf mountain with a big hole in the top). There is a legend that need to be learned.


Jobos Beach - Known as a world-class surf destination and one of Puerto Rico most popular surfing beaches.


Shacks Beach - is in Villa Montana resort area. Diverse marine life with crystal-clear waters and underwater caves are excellent for diving and snorkeling fans.


We will make recommendations for places to have lunch. (The cost of the food is not included)


Language Spanish and/or English 

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